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Coupons 24 hours a day / 7 days a week! .....Serving the independent retailer in your neighborhood......Saving You Time, Money and Gas!....We are a group of over 300 state, city and county websites linked together reaching thousands of viewers each day!...

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Front Page Ads
Only Graphic Banners accepted. JPEG format. Logo can link directly into your website along with links below
your Logo listing and linking to your coupon page.

Back Page Ads
(Space Available Locations)
Only Text Bannar Ads accepted.
Top Line: Company name is linked to your website or to your BiZsite
Second Line: company address,
Third Line: Phone number , e-mail, Map link, and more based on room

Links along top of website.
By Area
This area lists all our customers by State and City with links to their areas on CouponsA2Z

A to Z Listings
This area lists all our customers alphabetically with links to their areas on CouponsA2Z

Coupon Pages
This area lists all our customers Alphabetically with links to their Coupons Page


Along with links to coupon page we can build you a custom BiZ Site (up to 4 Pages) that best
describes your business.
Depending on what you want on your BiZsite we can included Store hours,
map location, credit cards, about us, store & product photos, website links, e-mail links, audio coupons,
PDF files, videos, menus and more.

Special Offers
Listing and links to Coupon/VIP Clubs

Proposals & Invoice Procedure
Because of the size and scope of our company all our proposals are customized to fit each customer's
needs and goals (at no additional cost).

Following a phone conversation with us or an e-mail giving detailed information needed for a proposal you will
receive an e-mail proposal going over all the areas we feel would best represent your company.
A cost will be attached along with links to the areas we recommend.

If our proposal is accepted it is considered an Invoice and due on acceptance. (Terms available)

With all sales you will receive a detailed receipt and a copy of our W-9 form for your records
(by e-mail or by standard mail on request).
For more information or a free quote call 714 504-4088 or e-mail us e-mail
Pricing and Payment Method
With check
Payable to: MediaWebLink.com - Mail to: 17531 Via Lindo • Tustin, CA 92780

After receipt of check we will send you a detailed receipt and our W-9 form for your records
(by e-mail or by standard mail on request).

With credit card (On PayPal)
(PayPal will send you a paid confirmation email for your records.) . We will e-mail you ours after payment.
Call us at 714 504-4088 if you have any problems filling out PayPal.